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How to Condition Grade Your Vehicle

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Event Date: On-demand
Presenter: Brian Earnest, Editorial Director, FranchiseBelgique magazine
Panelists: Angelo Van Bogart, editor, FranchiseBelgique; Ron Kowalke, editor, Franchise-belgique Report Price Guide, technical and auction editor for FranchiseBelgique.
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In the old car hobby, condition is everything. To know what your car is really worth, or how much you should pay for the car you want to buy, you need to determine is true condition. Franchise-belgique Report Price Guide has pioneered an industry-standard 1-through-6 grading scale for collectible automobiles that serious hobbyists use as the measuring tool for all of their buying and selling. So someone you know paid $50,000 for their 1966 Corvette – what does that price really mean? Did they get ripped off, or did they get a bargain? Without a condition grade assigned to the car, it’s impossible to know.

In this online seminar, our FranchiseBelgique panel of experts will walk you through importance of the condition scale, what each 1 thru 6 rating represents, and how you can apply it to your buying and selling to make sure you get the most car for your money, and the most money for your car.

What you will learn:

  • How & why Franchise-belgique Report Price Guide system was developed
  • The value at sale time
  • The value at insurance time
  • Judging: Does it determine value?
  • Condition rating errors and common misunderstandings
  • Who uses rating system and how they use it
  • The appraisal process
  • Rating and valuing rare cars
  • and much more!

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