Pre-war Puzzle

From reader Dave Otis:


In going through many pictures pertaining to my father-in-law, who recently passed away, I came across this photo taken in the Milwaukee, Wis., area of his family’s car prior to entering the war with the US Navy in 1943. As you will notice, the picture is not in the best condition since it looks like it was folded in his wallet while serving on a hospital ship in the Pacific theater for two years.

Since he never mentioned this car, I found it interesting to know its origin and year of the vehicle if feasible. Hopefully your staff or readers will be able to answer this mystery question. Thanks, and keep up the great editorial work which I look forward to every week.

Dave Otis


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5 thoughts on “Pre-war Puzzle

  1. Doug

    Looks like a 1934 Dodge to me. Is it a tilting windshield? I think it looks like an Ohio or Pennsylvania area city in January-February . Cinder block houses were common. The licence and bumper seem messed up a little. The wear on the vehicle would put it in late thirties probably.

    Is that a business marque or a quaranteen sign on the wall of the house? Could be a clue.

  2. Steeg Hertz

    The car in question is a 1933 or 1934 Plymouth. I owned one as my first car in 1958. mIne was a coupe with a rumble seat and roll down rear window. I put a 1956 Olds V8 in mine with a hydromatic transmission. A FUN car. Played with it for 3 years before I sold it and moved on to 57 Chevy.


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