Mirror, mirror, on the car…

From reader Greg Ash:

Attached are two pictures of a mirror with a built in wind-up clock.  The mirror measures 7 inches by 2.5 inches and the clock measures 1.1 inches square.  The clock has the name New Haven on it. Could you tell me what make car this may have comer from?

Do you have time to help identify it? Leave your comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror, on the car…

  1. Bob Arper

    Our 1930 Model S Hupmobile has a mirror with a clock with the same dimensions but the mirror is not a rectangle. Ours has a rounded edge on the 2.5 inch dimension the clock has the same rounded shape. The brand of the clock is also New Haven. I suspect the clock in the mirror was an option on other makes of cars, not just Hupmobile unless they changed the shape in different years. Our other 1930 Hupmobile Model S doesn’t have the clock in the mirror. If no one else responds I could send an email to our Hupmobile Club members to see if they would know if only Hupmobile had the clocks in the mirror.

  2. William De Vries

    This clock was a common accessory for many autos made in the 1930’s. Any sedan or coupe could replace their factory mirror with one of these. I have a couple, one for my 1931 Model A and one for my 1935 Packard.


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