Identifying ‘The Roadster’

From reader Stephen W. Hayes:

This is a 1917 photo of my 23-year-old father at the wheel of what he always referred to only as “The Roadster.”

What is it?

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Can you help identify it? Leave your comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Identifying ‘The Roadster’

  1. Dale

    This appears to be a Marmon. I am no expert but it may be a Speedster model. My guess is 1914 or maybe early 1915. The website link hopefully shows the iconic Marmon radiator cap used at the time.

  2. Dale

    Not really a roadster, I see a touring body on it. also an add-on front bumper 🙂 Looks like a bigger, higher-quality cay, has front friction shocks. Judging from the lights, the way the hood and cowl match up, fender style and cowl shape I would have to say it’s something in the 1908-1914 range. Exactly what is going to depend on things like radiator, cow and front axle shape to narrow it down. My WAGs: Hudson, Overland, Chalmers, or what have you.


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