Beautiful Buick needs year identification

From reader Deanna Coffey:

Could someone help me with the year of my great-uncle’s Buick?  I keep looking at old Buick pictures, but it doesn’t quite fit the look of the ones I’ve seen.  I believe it is between 1912/1918, and was a 5 passenger.  The ones I’ve found close to it either has a spare on the right side, or round lights instead of the square.  I thought it was the closest to the 1912 model 42.

Thanks in advance.

Deanna Coffey


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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Buick needs year identification

  1. Richard Soper

    I would guess that it is closer to a 1912 model because the steering wheel is on the right. Most American cars shifted to left drive between 1912 and 1915.

  2. Igor

    I’d say it’s a 1912 model, due to the acetylene tank for the headlamps. Buick, like the majority of the American auto industry, went to electric self-starting and lighting for 1913.

    It may even be a 1911. The design and pinstriping on the body is also suggestive of these years. The body design is somewhat lower than a standard tourer, so I think it’s a ‘demi-tonneau’ or ‘toy tonneau’. The engine is a 4-cylinder. The fenders, horn and side-lamps are identical to those seen in a 1911 brochure, though these could have been carried on into the next year.

    Hope that helps!

  3. WildestChild

    Hey there raustin. I really appreciate the fact that you’ve updated this site with this article, This is just exactly the type of data that is pleasant and entertaining to read!

  4. nzcarnerd

    I don’t think this is a Buick as it has ten spoke front wheels. If it is a Buick it is no later than 1911 as it has the gear lever outside the body. As someone suggested it might be a McLaughlin.


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