Finding cars the easy way

The most popular pony car in the world, fittingly, is the Ford Mustang. This sweet 1967 Ford Mustang GT was over in Texas waiting patiently for its forever home.


One of the remarkable things about our connected age is the way the Internet has revolutionized car auctions. We used to have to travel to physical sales, often many miles away, relying on the dated pre-sale info printed up in a newspaper days or weeks before.

But that was then, and this is now. Today we have up-to-the-minute online options such as when we’re looking for new wheels. There are literally thousands of vehicles at your fingertips.

The selection on ranges from exotic supercars to sensible daily transportation, and from bona fide antiques to fixer-uppers awaiting restoration. Serious car collectors can scour for rare and desirable cars, while prudent parents browse for something safe and reliable for their kids to drive.

Shadetree mechanics and hobbyists keep an eye out for parts donor cars and diamonds in the rough.

Whatever the scenario, can help you find that second-hand car or truck.

The simplest way to look up vehicles on’s home page is to type in a search term, such as “Corvette.” A more practical way to search is to narrow down your results so you’ll see more real-world wheels and fewer knickknacks. You can do this using’s useful categories.

This vintage 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 was a treasure we discovered in the Collector / Antique Autos category on At the time this screenshot was taken, the car had been bid up beyond $230,000 with nearly a week to go.


There’s also a “Trucks” category on, if you’re looking for a pickup, a semi, an RV, or an off-road vehicle rather than a passenger car.

By default, filters its search results in a couple of ways: It limits the results to items being sold within 50 miles of you (but only if you type in your ZIP code/postal code to the left of the search field), and it may display only the “Hot Auctions” (sales that are getting the most views), if any. You can change both of these default settings in order to see more or fewer listings, depending on your needs.

For a more visual approach, there is a Auction Map feature. Scroll to the bottom of’s home page and click the map. You can set your distance filter and type in your ZIP or postal code. You can also use portholes tailored to your particular state.

With HiBid’s multiple search options it is easy to find what you’re looking for on, you’re
on the road to finding just the used car, truck, or collector automobile you’re after. Check the site often, as new auto auctions are added frequently.




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